We offer executives new workforce business intelligence about risks, operational performance, and total workforce costs for the portion of the workforce who need to work on-site with customers, facilities, colleagues, and combinations of the three. Workforce distribution for these groups creates competitive advantage or disadvantage. Our clients want advantage — foresight to prevent, correct and mitigate location effects on their performance. Our predictive analytics profile work groups against your business metrics, predict outcomes, and prescribe new solutions.

With better and earlier foresight, executives make reactive workforce and operations decisions better. Foresight alone is not enough. Proactively improving workforce footprint is the new competitive advantage. To this end, we offer innovative solutions called True Home Benefits® to enhance HR function and programs to deliver the optimal workforce. Turnover Intelligence™ with True Home Benefits® help employers hire more competitively, control voluntary turnover, and raise workforce performance while lowering costs. Turnover Intelligence™ and True Home Benefits® improve investment in benefits, job definition, workforce planning, training, performance management, culture change, and leadership development.

We strive to be true partners with our clients, share accountability, and deliver differentiating performance, to be retained on this basis long term. Accountability begins with identifying leading indicators of performance, for both our clients and ourselves, and tracking change. Turnover Intelligence partnerships increasing in value over time and project cycles: analysis, solution development, solution measurement and solution deployment. An analysis project may start with strategy, KPI and leading indicator surveys, a key initiatives survey, and data discover. From there we typically identify Turnover Intelligence mapping opportunities to lower workforce costs and increase employee performance; we may then design new workforce business intelligence solutions for operations and HR, business intelligence dashboards, predictive analytics, operational impact analytics, and target financial returns of partnering. We truly believe, “It’s all about execution.”

We are proud to be a leader in workforce analytics. Lets us show you how!