We created Staff Maps™ to answer demands by executive for better workforce business intelligence. Executives wanted better business intelligence, predictive analytics, for workforce effects on risk, operations and costs. They asked us to differentiate internal factors to performance (e.g. management quality, pay, benefits, training, career path, culture, etc.) from external factors (e.g. housing, mortgage, transit). Staff Maps™ is a visual analytic toolset to illuminate and contrast internal from external workforce performance drivers of workforce performance.

Staff Maps™ workforce analytics include descriptive, predictive and prescriptive maps. They may predict operational turnover risks and changes, prescribe management engagement to keep and motivate key employees, and/or predict ways to improve benefit programs while lowering costs. We map key performance measures to your business. Staff Maps™ will show trends in performance, workforce costs, retention risks, and other leading indicators at all levels from business unit, to department, to site, manager and team, all the way down to new hires for internal and external factors on your business.

Using Staff Maps™ insights, line managers engage their teams and individual staff with better outcomes. HR professionals make better benefit program choices about retirement, health, flex time, wellness, and other areas.

Staff Maps™ draws on HR data, external data sources including GIS data, demographics, and other proprietary “big data” sources, as well as clients’ operational data. Integrating these data sources, Staff Maps™ creates new and deeper insights to workforce performance than are possible from internal data alone.

Last, Staff Maps™ also enables actionable decisions and programs to change workforce costs, risks and performance. Turnover Intelligence provides employers unique programatic solutions to change workforce distribution or footprint.  These solutions are collectively called True Home Benefits™. Some business intelligence offerings provide insight to problems only. True Home Benefits™ directly addresses many workforce costs, risks and performance challenges.