You should want Turnover Intelligence if you are a COO, CFO or CHRO

Your industries: healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, high tech, public sector, utilities, education

Your needs:

  • Higher performance from your people at lower cost.
  • Staff to work on-site with managers, clients, co-workers, teams, or facilities.
  • Lower turnover risks and related costs in performance loss, customer dissatisfaction, rehiring and retraining. 
  • Workforce-analytics to better anticipate workforce challenges and to align people to performance targets.
  • To compete more profitably in healthcare, services, technology or manufacturing.

…and especially if you need to:

  • Find high value benefits that are tax efficient and differentiating to attract and keep talent.
  • Adapt your workforce to new market conditions, a major initiative, a merger or an acquisition.
  • Operate in challenging commute areas.
  • Relocate staff between offices or sites – either your own, or your clients.