Your industry may be healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, utilities, or education. You need your workforce to perform at your sites with customers, facilities and/or in teams mostly. You worry about retention and hiring to achieve your goals. Some operations areas and critical workforce roles you worry about are your “key initiative” teams, Research & Development groups, IT teams, Sales, Customer Service, and Manufacturing or Operations.

You need growth and seek more and better foresight whether you lead a division, department or team. You have more analyses and predictions about your supply chain, competitors and customers than your workforce. Better intelligence about your workforces gives you the ability to make better, faster decisions to ensure they are fully stable, productive, trained and engaged.

You know profitability is higher in companies with stronger workforce analytics than in companies without. People are the largest expense item, maybe second largest, on your income statement. Health cost inflation is unrelenting. Labor markets are tightening again, turnover will rise. You want better workforce foresight plus cost control. You need deeper business intelligence to both workforce risk and performance effects on growth and profit targets.

Chief HR Officer
You have a unique opportunity to dramatically impact revenue and profit in your organizations with the right foresight linking people strategy to business strategy. Leadership is critical, with great followers of course. People make companies successful, mostly working together, mostly at company sites. Workforce predictive analytics are a key enabler to your executive clients’ success and your HR operation.

You need to deliver faster time to insights for stakeholders and to manage growing complexity. Your time is scarce and you need to balance many stakeholder needs. Your users may have integrated systems but likely still do a lot with Excel. You want to enable them to achieve more with fewer IT resources and more independently.

You champion long term growth, innovation and competitive advantage. You need to invest for growth while being prudent about risk. Nothing else creates competitive advantage more than IT. Analytic and predictive solutions are a top priority. Hosted solutions in particular help solve the challenges of speed, cost, risk, and resources burden. You may have launched CRM, Marketing analytics, ERP, MRP, mobility. Workforce predictive analytics are less mature.

Talent is always one of your top concerns: is the talent you have better than competitors? Is turnover too high? How do you change the workforce to gain market share plus profitability?