Our mission is to shrink commute burdens on work and workers so as to improve business productivity, profitability and competitiveness for our clients.

Who We Are

We are professionals who have experienced “crappy” commutes, and their negative consequences. As a result of our experiences and research, we’ve come to understand that employers and employees both severely underestimate the impacts commuting has on work, performance, personal health, wealth, and happiness. Asking “Why?” we were compelled to find new solutions to address the causes of this problem, for the mutual benefit of employers, workers, and society. Our founder, Jim Bilbao saw that employers share a significant financial stake in their workers’ residential and commute decisions. But most employers and their existing vendors are hapless to support workers to make the best decisions. The talent needed to address the causes of this disconnect reflect who we are: a multi-disciplinary group of professionals spanning finance, data science, supply-chain-logistics, operations, people science, change management, UX designers, transportation, and real estate.


Through our solution set, our clients and their employees have the knowledge and tools to shrink commute burdens on work and workers.

Our Leadership Team

Jim Bilbao

chief executive officer

I personally experienced living both close to and far from work. My commute burden made a big difference in my performance and attitude. Subsequently, I saw that the growing commute challenges for workers directly impacts company productivity, profit and competitiveness. I also realized that the real estate industry — oriented to individual consumer services — is not structured to address these corporate needs. I began to ask: “How big is the problem? Do companies want a preventive and sustainable solution?” From this beginning, I started Turnover Intelligence.

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