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For Employers:
Metrics, Benchmarks & Programs


CloserValue Calculator™ A tool that estimates all commute-related costs to the business — direct, indirect and opportunity — and remarkably distills them down to just one financial number.

Commute-related costs that tend to rise per commute mile can include employee turnover, lost productivity, health care expenses, plus devaluation of overall compensation. Lacking such insight, executives fail to invest wisely in workforce proximity savings and incur avoidable operating costs. CloserValue Calculator™ comes with costing parameters based on substantial data and published research.


StaffMaps™ A software as a service (SaaS) analytic toolset for executives to visualize workforce challenges geo-spatially. Every worksite within a company has an ideal labor and commute watershed. StaffMaps™ illuminates the invisible geo-spatial misalignment that creates lower performance and higher operating costs. Every workforce has a fluid residential footprint. StaffMaps™ predict opportunities for progress and help executives and employees to capture them.

Workforce Distribution Index™

Workforce Distribution Index™ A unique, innovative, geo-spatial, big data software as service (SaaS) that helps executives compare their workforce commute burden against industry peers — by department, today, and over time.

Higher burdens predict employee disengagement and under performance. Burdens can change quarter to quarter. Workforce Distribution Index predicts comparative turnover risks and cost variance in different employee groups. These risk measures should inform operations management, recruiting, talent management and compensation.

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-Business School President

For Your Employees:
Tools that Matter

Live Closer. Work Smarter. Be Happier.


PreferCloser™ An evidence-based enterprise education program to foster workers to prefer living closer to work, and commuting less. When workers choose to move closer to work, the benefits to the company may last 10 consecutive years. Once workers grasp the benefits of home-to-work proximity, they often ask for FindCloser™ and AffordCloser™.


FindCloser™ A home search toolset for mobile and desktop apps, that is specific to your company’s unique labor and commute watershed. FindCloser™ is the only home and commute search tool to help all your people prioritize reducing their work commutes, to mutually benefit you and them by raising performance, productivity, health and happiness.


AffordCloser™ A set of decision support solutions for workers to capture thousands of dollars in financial resources to afford living closer to work while shrinking related risks. Solutions exist for home buyers, home sellers, home owners, and renters. AffordCloser™ also adds value to compensation and benefits for workers who work remotely or do not move.

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